Ahkun AutoDaily Analyzer
AutoDaily is an immensely valuable tool for keeping track of what your remote teams are doing on their PCs on your time, but until now it’s been largely limited to managing small teams because there was no simple way to combine all the usage data into a simple report format.AutoDaily Analyzer changes all that.

AutoDaily Analyzer lets you:

  • Summarize PC usage time by user, department, and total
  • Summarize application usage by user, department, and total
  • Summarize printing activity, including estimated printing cost by user and by printer

You can also compare report data for individual users with team averages to identify over- and under-use of company resources.

So you’re not only getting summary usage data to support your human resource budgets and efficiency targets – you’re also getting valuable ROI information on printer and paper usage to support budgets and green initiatives.

AutoDaily Analyzer reports are created in HTML for ease of sharing and exporting onward into other applications for further analysis.

AutoDaily and Analyzer are available separately or as a single package and run under Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions).